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Bird and Acorn Blackwork

  bird and acorn
Blackwork was a tradition with ladies of court in the 16th century, and continues to add beauty and grace to clothing, costuming, and linens.  I use my skill as a hand embroider to create a pattern that looks as much like a hand done piece as a machine can do while using the machine to its best advantage.This tile works best for boarders 2″ high or higher. It can be mirror doubled, but then the birds are on their heads.

This tile can be used alone or with the Connecting Acorn. This is the point where I apologize for my lack of web skills.  If you will drop me an email, I will send a refund for the Connecting Acorn, but I haven’t yet figured how to do a free file or two files on a Sellfy download.

 4.1×2″ PES main file   2″ PES connecting acornb&a connecting acorn


Tiling Suggestions

 bird and acorn tiled