With the addition of grand daughters, I find myself making dolls. I also want to help them to learn to make dolls and doll clothes.  Who knows, one of them may become a costumer.

I want to combine various techniques in creating the dolls, and to share with you the joy of doll making without the tedium of some of the fidgety steps. I will be adding here products, free patterns, and instructions to help the novice doll maker. The more experienced doll crafter may find it a bit basic but perhaps the instructions may help you share your love of doll making with a new, and maybe young doll maker.

Please share with me your completed project, improvements to my instructions, and your ideas for new projects.

I am hoping to add a blog to this site to share adventures in doll crafting.

  • Heartsome Doll Kits
    • Prepared fabric kits ready for you to sew for your little ones, or do it together
    • Embroidery files for you to create your own dolls.
    • Clothing Patterns and Instructions
  • Gingerbread Doll Kits
  • Commedia d’Arte
    • Molière
  • Animals
    • Peacock