Embroidery Files

Most of my embroidery files are for sale for noncommercial use.

To order a file, let me know the size and the format you want & I will send you a PayPal invoice and on receipt I will send you the file.

I was doing automatic uploads of files, but every time I find a web service that does this, they seem to vanish or to start charging huge amounts of money. Which if I were a big company with lots of people making files I would be happy to pay, but a monthly fee that amounts to 5 times what I sell in a year just doesn’t work.
So I will prepare a down load specifically for each of file requested. That also allows me to customize each piece of art a bit for your particular needs.

Please forgive if I have not yet removed all of the previous links. If you have worked with me you will know that I am much better at creating embroidery files that I am at maintaining web sites.

So now I am looking for another way to do it, but they are all way too expensive for a micro business like this one.