My joy in making the fans is that each one is different or in very limited editions. So putting them all online is a bit difficult. Here are a bunch of fans I have made. Look at them, when you order, copy the one you like or write me a description, and send me an email at and I will send you one.

Photos of Current Fans

  • Fans $20
  • Pocket $10
  • Set $27

Order Here:

Fan Pockets are available to fit these fans, or one you already have. These are made from pre-consumer recycled fabrics (fancy words for my left over scraps) so not all fans have matching fabric.

Hang it from your belt or garb, toss it in your bag or tote, clip or pin it to your bag.

If you order one with your fan you can request Matching only, Matching or coordinating, or Coordinating. View some of the current pockets at the bottom of Photos of Current Fans