OCF in the Clouds

Even if we can’t be there in body, we can still visit OCF in spirit, or at least in Avatar.

Trying to put my booth ware online is a bit difficult, because each piece is unique. But what I can do is to show you stuff and invite you to send me email about your specific need. I will try to mark photos of stuff that sells, but leave things for you to custom order your piece.

And please have patience with me. I am much better at textiles than I am at web page making.

OCF Patches

This year I created a special patch for the Virtual OCF. There are two fixed styles Black with silver and Turquoise with rainbow, and the random patch.

OCF in the Clouds


To honor the heroic efforts of the volunteers that brought you the virtual fair, I created this patch. Proceeds from the sale of this patch will go to fund the M8trix.




Click on any of the topics to the right to see the patches I have posted photos of. This is not all of the patches, just the ones I have posted. Please email me if you are interested in something that does not show up there.