Note: the new shipment has just cleared customs.  The prices are going to go hbaup, but I don’t know by how much.  These prices are only until I find out!

These cotton and bamboo parasols are made for us in Thailand.

They are as durable and versatile as they are lovely.

And they are biodegradable!


Plain Parasols:p2

hba brhba nvimage003hba plhba blRegular Plain $30  Size:  Diameter,  30″ Top to bottom of handle 29″   Colors: Unbleached White, Black, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, Red, Purple.   More colors arriving in Spring 2016: Blue Green

Regular, eyelet Lace $35: Colors:  Black, Cream, Green, Violet and Light Blue

Small Plain $25 Size: diameter, over the top 25″, Top to bottom Top to bottom of handle 24″  Colors: Unbleached White, Black, Bright Pink and Purple

Shipping $10  in USA only

Fun With Parasols

I never can leave well enough alone.  I do wonderful things to the parasols with lace, trim, tassels, lights.  Each is a unique art piece, done just for you.  Let me know what you want to have on your parasol and I will make it for you. The following are guidelines and do not include the price of the parasol itself, or shipping.  Email me for a price quote on your custom pel parasol


Here is one I made for the SCA : Green muslin, 5″ pelican, brown braid trim. You can see the natural of the parasol in the little skirt at the top. $35

What can I make for you?

Trim on Parasol: starting at $10

Parasol Cozy:  starting at $15

You can send me your fabric so that it matches your frock.

Embroidery on the Parasol:   starting at $10image007

Embroidered Apron Panels:  starting at $10


Top light: $10

Diamond light: $15

Fairy Light String $15