These cotton and bamboo parasols are made for us in Thailand. They are as durable and versatile as they are lovely.  And they are biodegradable!

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Plain Parashba brols:


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Regular Plain $35  Size:  Diameter,  30″ Top to bottom of handle 29″   Colors: Unbleached White, Black, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy,  Purple,

Small Plain $25 Size: diameter, over the top 25″, Top to bottom Top to bottom of handle 24″  Colors: Unbleached White, Black, Bright Pink and Purple

Shipping has become impossible to deal with.  If you wish to have a parasol shipped to you, I will charge only my costs. Because USPS has become unpredictable, I will have to quote you shipping cost when you order.  The covers are a flat $6

Fun With Parasols

I never can leave well enough alone.  I do wonderful things to the parasols with lace, trim, tassels, lights.  Each is a unique art piece, done just for you.  Let me know what you want to have on your parasol and I will make it for you. The following are guidelines and do not include the price of the parasol itself, or shipping.  Email me to discuss your custom piece.

green pel parasol

Here is one I made for the SCA : Green muslin, 5″ pelican, brown braid trim. You can see the natural of the parasol in the little skirt at the top. $35 for the skirt.

What can I make for you?image007

Trim on Parasol: starting at $10

Parasol Skirt:  starting at $15

You can send me your fabric so that it matches your frock.

Embroidery on the Parasol:   starting at $10


Here at the bottom of the page I will occasionally add photos of some of my favorites. These individual ones may or may not be available. Email Me for details on these or custom pieces.

Blue, Rust with dragonflies and tassels, Celedon with beads. The color does not show true on the Rust and the Celedon, but the Blue really is that bright.
Terra cotta, Copper with gold stars, Brown Lace
French Vanilla with crystal tassels
African Print with heavy fringe
Aboriginal style print with beads