Prices and Orders

Here is the truth in the matter.  I am retired, more or less.  I am devoting most of my time to the perfecting of my Granny skills.  But I just can’t walk away from a lifetime of work.  So I am still doing the embroidery.  I will still carry the parasols. But when I am out of town doing the Granny thing, I may be a bit slow. And I hate working on the web site, so it will be shabby.

Digitizing, and creating files for you, I can do from where ever I am. So that will always be available. I have a friend that will embroider and ship for me.  And I still have hope on finding someone to take over the business, but for now this is it.

Patches: As I develop the site I am able to show you prices, sizes, and variations.  You are not limited to these variations, and you may contact me about your custom project.

Embroidery Files: Send me an email with your file extension or machine type and I will send you an invoice.  I will email you the file as soon as I have your payment. This will all get much easier as I learn how to do automatic file uploads with the new software.

Embroidery file prices are usually $4, but for some of the more intricate patterns the price will be higher.