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deMerit Badges, page 1


I do events for a living, as do most of my friends.  An off center sense of humor is mandatory for survival. The very first deMerit Badge was inspired by MPS when after a lifetime of good driving managed to clip an overhang of a building that had been moved over a foot. True story.

Most of my simpler patches will work just fine for  making in the small, 1.5″ “merit” badges. The badges include shipping in the US.

So if you have a need for an award for some act of fate, just email me. I will post one already made, or perhaps be inspired to create a new one.  Special orders are of course encouraged.

Thank you to Mykael for inspiring me to get this posting done.  His knee was attacked by a vicious, STP book.  Proving that the pen is mightier than the sword



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