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Do you have someone you would like to thank? Did a kid just make pretty pictures on your walk? Do you know someone that has cared for an elder? Here is a small way to acknowledge their contribution.

I had a request for merit badges to give to essential workers. I will add photos as I get the samples made, but you can see the list of current options.  You can also send me an email to suggest and/or request something different.

You can sew a ribbon on the back of them or a safety pin.

These are each 2×2″.  All prices include shipping. (note web doofus  me can not figure out how to set free shipping as the default, so make sure to check the free shipping box on the cart.)

Other than the yellow smiley face ones, Background colors are random unless you direct me otherwise.

Buy 4 get one free, but because I am a web design bozo, you will have to email me your request for the free one until I figure out how to get the silly program to let me do ti.

This page shows only the patches. For embroidery file or custom work, email me with the specifics

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