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Irish Family Patches M – R

The Irish patches are at the same time both easier and more difficult than the Scottish. The crest tradition is newer, and uses colors. The devices used are more often from the standard list of heraldic bits. but the art and the background tend to be more fidgety because there were more other crests that they needed to be different from. And there are more than 250 for me to do.

You can have the crest without lettering, or with what ever variation of the name your family used when they started to write the names down.  Any genealogist will tell you that standardized spelling didn’t start to happen until about 50 years ago.  And there is always the Mc or Mac (son of) and O’ (grandson or descendant of). I am happy to bend the sewing machines around your name variant.

Most of the family crests have a specific color background. If you need something different, just email me.

The size listed is for the overall shield as shown with the name. It will be a bit smaller if you omit the name. Embroidery files are available. You will find the files are optimized for minimum jump stitches and smooth embroidering.


If you don’t see your crest here it is because I am a lot better at getting the patches made than I am at posting pictures  of stuff. Just drop me an email, and I will show you what yours looks like.


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