OCF 2020 Patches


I don’t usually sell my juried OCF patches outside of my booth, but this year is different.

I designed this shadow peach patch for the year we are there only in spirit. This patch will only be available until the end of July 2020, then it will be gone forever.

My usual OCF patch is done on random bits of fabric, with tag ends of thread to create lots of unique patches, but as I can’t hang the panels out in front of the booth for ya’ll to paw thru, so I have made three patches

  • Turquoise with rainbow background
  • Black with sparkly background.  I am afraid that I am not able to do it justice in my pathetic photography skills
  • Random. Tell me the kind of colors you like and I will choose one for you from the random pile.

Price includes shipping in the USA.

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Turquoise, Black, Random


3″, 5″


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