Risk Tolerance Numbers


How do you want others to interact with you during this madness? Assign yourself a number based on your risk assessment.  You know your health risk, what people you live with or have responsibility to, and your take on the situation.

Wear your number when you go in public to indicate what the minimum level of caution you wish to  use as you participate in the world. I, personally, am a 3 or perhaps a 2.9. I would like to be a π before too long. If I see a 2 I will treat them with that level of distance.  If I see a 4 I hope that they will be a bit more restrictive with how they conduct themselves.  I am assuming a 0 would not even go out in public. A 5 really doesn’t care anyway.

Even if you don’t order a number for me, wear a postit note, or use a sharpie on your forehead, or some such.  It is important for us to each take responsibility for how we deal with this.

If you  email me with your chosen number, and either do an order thru this page or paypal me I will put it on a 2″ circle for you.  $4 include shipping in the US.  You choose the choose color of thread and background.

I blatantly stole this meme off of the internet.  But it is, I believe, based or reflects a post that I made early in March and it does it in a far better way than I did.

Note: fabric is not as easy to get as it should be, so I do recommend that you send a second choice of color.

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