Triquetra, triskelion, or triangle knot shows up in the Book of Kells, Rune stones, and ancient Buddhist art.  Three is a sacred number in many traditions. Three witches in MacBeth, the Christian Trinity, three dots to define a plane.

The Trinity Knot with interlaced circle is also available, but I don’t have a photo of it at the moment.

You can choose a triangle, square, orcircle for the patch shape as well


Background and thread colors are your choice.  Just send me instructions.

Embroidery filesare available.

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Additional Information

Art style

plain, border

Patch Size

2 1/5″ $5, 2.5″ $5.00, 3″ $8.00, 5″ $15.00, 7″ $25, 8″ $30.00

Main Thread Color

Blue, Browner, Grey, Oranger, Black, White, Brown, Navy, Red, Yellow, Other

Secondary Thread Color

Green, Black, White, Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Other

Background Color

Blue, Grey, Natural, Black, Navy, Red, Yellow, Oatmeal, Other


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