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Three times three is nine.

I drew this knot based on an idea from a broach that MD showed me. It can be done plain, with just the border, or as just the main line.

Background and thread colors are your choice.  Just send me instructions.

Embroidery files:

The files are without the circle. The size refers to the maximum width of the file. As always, if these are not the size or format you need, just email me and I will add a file to this list.

3″  .PES file     3″ .JEF file

4″ .PES file     4″ .JEF file

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Additional Information

Art style

plain, border

Patch Size

3″ $8.00, 5″ $15.00, 7″ $25, 8″ $30.00

Main Thread Color

Blue, Browner, Grey, Oranger, Black, White, Brown, Navy, Red, Yellow, Other

Secondary Thread Color

Green, Black, White, Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Other

Background Color

Blue, Grey, Natural, Black, Navy, Red, Yellow, Oatmeal, Other


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