Visit my new  Finger Puppets.


My whole business life, so far, has been about having a need in my family, and in filling that need, providing a source for others. And now you can benefit from the great joy in my life, gradumdittynd children.

Visiting with them involves a very long trip to wales, so I tend to stay a while, so I use the time dreaming up new silliness. My trip in November ’16, I brought a pile of puppets to photo and share with you, and Winnie loves them so much that these kitchen table photos show these puppets in their well played with form. Good thing they are washable.

I have always loved puppets, and you can make these puppets completely on your embroidery machine. Or you can order them made custom for you. They are sized for a lady’s hand and will work for a child hand, or stretch to a medium man’s hand.

Your choice on colors and you can order with a cutie mark or lettering ($5 extra)

As usual, I have spent far more time and effort on the embroidery file than on the web page, five_monkeysso at this point you will need to email me for specifics.

One Sided Puppet $12

Two Sided Puppet $15

Add a Name or Initials  $5

Add art from the patches price depends on the size

Embroidery Machine File $5



Bear, Happy



Bear, Happy



Bear, Sad

Weeping Angel, Hidden

Cartoon Dog

Bear, Two Sided

Weeping Angel, Scary

Highland Cow (Yak)

Scottie Dog

Weeping Angel, Two Sided

Horse (Giraffe)

five_monkeys5 Little Monkeys

Cyber Man


dumdittyDumDitty Monkey

Rainbow Dash Pony

Pinkie Pie Pony

   Durpie Pony