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Porthmadog Dragon

I found this dragon when in Porthmadog Wales picking up several cases of the excellent Purple Moose Ale.


Available in  sizes 6″ high and up, and any color combination.

Filled:  4″  $12,  6″ $25 ,  7″  $35

Outline only:  4″  $10,  6″  $18,  7″  $25

Embroidery file available, $10

Original Adaptation by B. Coole


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Bookplate Griffin

Adapted from an Art Deco bookplate.It has a wonderful use of negative space.

Available 4″ tall and up in any color combination. This shape only.

4″ $8

Embroidery file available, $4


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image032 image012




This is part of a set of griffins that I have been working on.

I will be adding to them as have time

Available in any size, shape, or color combination.

Basic Patch Prices apply.

Embroidery file available, $4

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Bree’s Dragon

Standard Size 4″ wide x 2.9″ tall $10. Other sizes available

Available in any color combination, outline or fill.

 Artist: Bree



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Welsh Dragon

image002 image035

Available in any size, or color combination

The Dragon can be elongated or kept in the square format

It can be filled in or just an outline.  The when doing sizes less than 2″ it is best to use the outline alone.

Embroidery file available, $4

Original Adaptation by B. Coole