The Story Game

The Story Game

This game was started with 3-7 year olds, but works well with anyone, even inebriated adults although you may want to use a different deck of pictures. The rules don’t matter, change them as you will, but it will be in your best interest to define your house rules at the beginning of the game.

The Deck: Cut photos out of magazines and paste them onto “cards”. I find that, heavier, standard size paper folded and cut into sixths work well. Our deck is a motley mix of construction paper, cereal boxes, and bits of heavy paper. We will often play the game while creating more cards. Make a pile for your friends. It is great fun for kids to find pictures.

Choosing Pictures: The more random the pictures are, the better the game. Kids will find pictures they like. Random patterns help with color identification, and pattern names like: stripes, dots, diamonds. Adults will want to add specific pictures to help address issues that you are working on with your kids, or ideas that you want to introduce them to.

The Start: Deal out 4-6 cards as you like. These cards can be spread out in front of you for all to see. Or with older folk can be held up unseen by others. On the table top, turn up 4 cards and place the rest of the deck where all can reach it. Use your favorite method of choosing who goes first.

Play: In turn, each player plays one of their cards onto the top of one of the upturned cards, and tells how it is associated with the other card. Samples:

  • They are both Red.
  • Stairs go on the boots because you wear boots when you go hiking.
  • The bird goes on the insect because they eat insects.
  • The girl likes to eat chiappino, and crabs are in chiappino.
  • This is a real dog, and this is a real cat.

The object is to come up with the most interesting ways of combining ideas, or a great story.

The Win: We all win. There is no winning or losing. It is more about being with your kids, exercising their imagination, opening topics of conversation. Kids learn to categorize, and that things can be part of many different categories. Adults can insert small stories that illustrate solutions to problems that are happening in their household. Kids have a cutting and pasting activity that encourages them to think about what they are seeing in books.

Please pass this game on, especially by sharing decks with other families. Please send me your adventures with this game at bc at

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